Molding the Future

for a better tomorrow

Plastic is a fundamental material. Plastic plays a vital role in communications, transportation, health care, agriculture—nearly every industry in the world. Yet, in America, the industry is experiencing a serious shortage of skilled workers.

As the plastics industry continues to thrive, it needs creative, bright, and passionate new minds to steer its course. We are here to educate and equip the future leaders of America’s plastics industry.

Developed to Strengthen the Community

Advocates was developed as an awareness tool for the public, and to facilitate communication and cooperation between industry leaders. We’re here to provide ways to connect with, inform, and encourage future plastics professionals.

Our number one goal is to help the community thrive. We help young people gain access to stable careers, with meaningful work. We help small businesses to survive and grow, thus providing opportunity and financial stability for countless families throughout our nation. Together we can mold the future to create a better tomorrow.

We encourage you to share your company’s ideas, innovative programs, and success stories for others to see. With your help, we will work to solve the US shortage of skilled professionals in the plastics field.

Learn how we can help each other strengthen the plastics industry and join us to help support the plastics industry in America.