Transitioning Military

Better opportunities for veterans means a better America.

If you’re a veteran returning to civilian life, you are a highly desirable candidate to the plastics industry. You have proven yourself to be mature, dependable and hardworking. The skills and experience you acquired while serving in the military are highly applicable to the industry.

As a veteran, there are many different paths available for you. Whether you choose to further your education with a degree in a related field, enter into an apprenticeship, or go straight into a professional position, the industry continues to actively seek our service men and women.

How do you know if a career in plastics is right for you?

Many of the skills you earned while serving are highly sought after in the plastics field. If you have any of the skills below, you should consider a career in one of America’s strongest industries – plastics.

  • Technical and mechanical knowledge
  • Engineering background
  • Expertise in logistics
  • Leadership experience
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Drive to make a difference
  • Desire to travel
  • Fluency in foreign languages
  • Management of projects or people