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Advocates for Plastics Careers in America was created to help close the U.S. Skills Gap in the plastics industry. We know how challenging it is to find enough trained, qualified professionals to help your company to grow. We understand the solution: raising awareness of plastics careers among people who are looking toward their future.

We’re here to provide you ways to connect with, inform, and encourage potential future employees. Reaching young people when they are beginning to envision and shape their future is critical to expanding the skilled labor supply. Our goal is to help the community, by supporting the health and growth of small businesses in the years to come.

This site was developed as an awareness tool and facilitator of cooperation between industry leaders. We encourage you to share your company’s ideas, innovative programs, and success stories for others to see. Together, we will work to solve the U.S. shortage of skilled professionals in the plastics field.



Tell your story. Share how you got into plastics with people considering a career in the field.

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Post what your company or organization has done to close the Skills Gap so other companies can implement similar programs or join forces with you.

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Alert students and universities to internships, apprenticeships, and training opportunities that are currently available at your company or organization.

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