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“Molding The Future has opened my eyes to a new and surprising world of opportunities for my students! In 30+ years I have never before seen such a comprehensive resource. The jobs and education options are so diverse that students from all backgrounds can find their niche and excel. I am excited to share these opportunities with students, and to watch them thrive in the many careers the plastics industry has to offer.”

Independent Educational Consultant (Former Educator and High School Principal),
San Diego, CA

Championing the future of our students. Molding a better world.

Students entering the workforce today are faced with crippling debt, limited job opportunities, and saturated industries, leaving many well-educated young people with disappointing job prospects. The plastics industry, however, is in desperate need of qualified, skilled employees.

Your passion for inspiring young people to lead a rewarding and meaningful life is what brought you to education in the first place. By encouraging current students to enter plastics fields, you’re giving them the opportunity to create a fulfilling and successful career. With your help, we can inform students of the almost limitless ways a career in plastics offers opportunities for global impact, financial success, and a happy life.

There are many ways the plastics industry positively impacts the global society. Would your students be interested in:

  • Developing life-saving medical devices
  • Enhancing fuel efficiency in automobiles
  • Creating telecommunications and technology advances that enhance global understanding
  • Helping inventors get new products to market
  • Designing new materials and processes to reduce waste and pollution
  • Creating new virtual reality technology & devices

If your students are interested in any of these, now is the time to teach them about opportunities in in the most thriving and evolving industry in America.


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