We’re glad you’re going to share your story about how you got into plastics! Young people will be reading these as they explore the possibility of pursuing a career in the plastic industry. We hope that they will see something here that strikes a chord – and inspires them. Tell them what is fun and exciting – places you have traveled, problems you’ve solved, new products you have helped to launch.

Parents, educators, and guidance counselors will also be checking out your story. These are the people who assist and influence students as they navigate their way through the maze of education and job options. So feel free to include things that you think they might like to hear about – such as starting salary or salary ranges, education required, and job satisfaction and security.

We will be featuring your story and including your name, job title, work location, and company name – as well as your photo if you include one. (Other information will only be used by Advocates personnel in case we need to contact you.)

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    Tell us about yourself, and how you got into plastics. It is your story, so it can be casual and reflect your personality. Tell our readers about things that surprised you about plastics, and why they might like to join the industry. Let them know what sorts of talents and passions led you to your job. They may find a common interest that allows them to visualize themselves following a path like yours. Thanks!