Profile: Victor Batarseh

Victor Batarseh

Drexel University
Class of 2016
Chemical Engineering

I grew up in Sacramento, California and went to Drexel University to get an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. After spending some time at Drexel, I decided to take it to the next level and pursue an accelerated Master’s degree alongside the Bachelor’s degree. With these degrees I hope to work on process optimization and improvement. I want to remove waste and replace harsh, nonrenewable chemicals with alternatives that promote sustainability. This way my degrees enable me to improve the lives of others, protect the environment, and move industry forward through sustainable processing and product design.

During my first year at Drexel I began to realize that we are surrounded by plastics and appreciate the role they play in our lives. This spurred me to action and I pursued a position at Arkema. At Arkema, I performed research and development for new biopolymer-acrylic blends intended for medical and consumer applications. This allowed me to contribute to making the plastics industry more renewable while providing consumers with the items they need. This experience prompted me to continue exploring the plastics industry and where I could expand my impact and further understand the impact of plastics on other industries.

In my next experiences I worked at Merck and GSK evaluating the role of plastics in pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing. Here I worked on the opposite end of the spectrum from research and development, looking at finished plastics products. Working both at the beginning and end of line granted me a new perspective on the world of plastics, and let me see what really drives research is consumer demand for new and improved products.

Moving forward from Drexel I will pursue a professional engineer certification and begin looking for a place where I can have a great positive impact on industry, the environment, and the lives of others.