Profile: Annie Gohn

Annie Gohn
Engineering Researcher
Penn State Erie
BS, Plastics Engineering Technology, 2013 – Penn State Erie
Masters in Manufacturing Management (MMM), 2016 – Penn State Erie
PhD, Natural Science, In Progress – Martin Luther University

As a high school student preparing for college, I knew I wanted to be an engineer. My grandfather spent his career reviewing drawing of bridges for American Bridge. This insight to the engineering discipline was eye opening, and I envied the level of focus, organization, and meticulous dedication that the work required. As I worked my way through my math and science courses, I was preparing for the different options the engineering field had to offer. I had a particular interest in chemistry, and I found the Plastics Engineering Technology degree at Penn State Erie quite interesting. I recognized that the material science side of the plastics industry was a unique avenue that was thriving.

After I obtained my B.S. degree, I was given the opportunity to get a professional master’s degree while working on high temperature polymer composites for a local aerospace company. This material formulation work was very interesting to me and often led me to research at a more fundamental level than I ever had before. Through this research assistantship, I worked with my advisor’s collaborator, a professor at a German university who specialized in polymer crystallization. He soon offered to be my PhD advisor in the topic of flow induced crystallization.

I am currently employed as a researcher at Penn State Erie where I work on funded projects through government and industrial sources. While employed at the University, I am able to work on my thesis when I have time. I also get the opportunity to study in my advisor’s lab in Germany each summer. My current position is a fulfilling job where I get to focus on a variety of topics for many industries. I love having a technical background where I can pull my understanding of plastic manufacturing, tool and part design, and material science together to fully evaluate an engineering problem.

In my spare time, I love being outdoors! Because I live close to the lake, I spend a lot of my summer fishing, kayaking, and at bonfires. We also have a little local ski resort where I can take advantage of Erie’s snowy winter season.