About Us

Fueling growth. Furthering careers. Pursuing excellence.

Founded in 2015, Advocates for Plastic Careers In America’s mission is to improve the future prospects of our workforce, while we support the success of small businesses. We help raise public awareness about career opportunities in plastics. We publicize and promote innovative industry and educational programs which address the Skills Gap, and we offer a forum for professionals and educators to connect with young people.


We would not exist without the support of our sponsors and donors. We want to thank the following organizations for their generous contributions. We appreciate your help in advancing the future of the plastics industry.

Jade Molds


Engage young people in fun and imaginative ways

Educate the public about careers, schools, training programs, and scholarships

Equip students with tools to pursue a career in the plastics industry



students from kindergarten through college


parents who are actively steering their children’s choices


public and private schools, guidance counselors, bloggers, and college counselors to share information about plastics opportunities


educators and professionals to help provide insight into career opportunities, and form mentor relationships


transitioning military service members with jobs and educational options


public policies and programs that support education and foster business growth in the Plastics field


We have a passion for educating youth about career opportunities and for promoting small business growth in the United States.

We believe in working cooperatively with trade schools, universities, policy makers, and other organizations to promote our common goals of education and strengthening industry in the United States.

We highly value integrity, professionalism, and giving back to the community.